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Sports Conditioning Services' Protocols

  • Testimonial - Gabi

    "My favorite part about the program was that we learned new methods of developing strength and endurance and agility, and the coaches would motivate us to do well, and they would push us when we felt like giving up ... and I liked it because I felt like my team was getting an advantage that other teams didn't have, so we could be stronger during the games and overall healthier and stronger people and athletes."


  • Testimonial - Kyle

    "I experienced a lot of workouts that I've never done before which helped me throughout the 7 weeks of the program. I noticed that my muscle tone got a lot more definition throughout … and my stamina increased … The whole program was actually pretty fun … I really liked it. I liked doing it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday … and I met a lot of new friends."


  • Testimonial - Patricia

    "I liked the program so much because it was exciting, it was fun, and I made new friends. It enabled me to do more sports stuff, like soccer and going running and jogging. Usually I wouldn't. I would go home and watch TV and do nothing … and now I like to go to the park and go run and stuff like that … It taught me to do more endurance. I was able to do push ups. I think it gave me more strength than usual."


  • Testimonial - Coach Dave

    "As a coach, I really appreciated the enthusiasm all the coaches brought to the field and their positive energy, and their patience with some of the students who didn't have a grasp on what they were doing in the beginning – letting them work through and make mistakes and teaching them/coaching them as they went on ... Things I liked as a basketball coach was watching my players excel throughout the 8 weeks; watching their footwork get better. When I first did my testing before the program started, the kids weren't getting through a mile run, but afterwards their times dropped dramatically, their footwork improved, their strength improved, and they also had a lot of fun out there too! Sometimes as a coach it's hard to find a conditioning program that will energize the students, and this really did a tremendous job. That's what I really appreciated."