Balance Conditioning


To develop this very necessary element of motor development. We are always shifting to walk and to run which requires BALANCE to move our body’s center of gravity.

Why We Do It

Balance helps the athlete to maintain center-of-gravity while performing functional movement patterns on the field such as:

  • Turning
  • Changing Directions
  • Accelerating
  • Decelerating

What We Do

To maintain the necessary balance to aid the in optimum performance. IAATB will challenge the athlete’s:

  • Dynamic Balance
    • Being able to maintain control of their own body mass while in motion. I.e. controlling turns, maintaining proper aliment while in motion, fostering body awareness, which optimizes performance

  • Static Balance
    • Stay upright when movement is outside yourself. I.e. catching a ball on one leg and throwing it back without falling.

IAATB will development systems to challenge the athletes’ dynamic and static balance to bring them into better body awareness that will enhance athletic performance in all planes of motion.